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Quilting machine installation, disassembly, maintenance, after reading these, instantly improve combat effectiveness

2020.01.13 Xinhana

Equipment maintenance is no longer a normal thing, and quilting machines are no exception. After the computer quilting machine is used for a period of time, many parts inside the equipment need maintenance and repair, and some parts may cause aging damage due to improper operation and high-load operation.

Moreover, the current development of the computer quilting industry in China is also very fast, and the replacement time of each part in the equipment is gradually shortened. Therefore, after using the computer quilting machine for a period of time, some parts need to be repaired, maintained and updated in time.

Quilting machine installation, disassembly, maintenance, after reading these, instantly improve combat effectiveness

When replacing the components of the computer quilting machine, it must be operated by professional personnel. If you have to replace it yourself, you need to pay attention to the following aspects:

1. When replacing, you must use professional tools, and you must replace the parts that need to be replaced according to certain specifications. At the same time, pay attention to the machine should be placed in a relatively stable place for replacement.

2. When repairing or replacing the parts of the equipment, it must be approved by the equipment manufacturer or provided by them. Only when the model is the same, can the replacement test be performed.

3. After replacing the parts of the computer quilting machine, it is necessary to carry out a trial operation first to ensure that the equipment is not in trouble before it is officially put into use. During the trial operation, be careful not to let your hair, clothes, etc. touch the pulleys and belts, and you must take certain protective measures first.

4. After the replacement of each component is completed, it must be carefully inspected. The purpose of the inspection is mainly to find out whether there should be undesirable contact problems between the solder and other parts of the device. The insulation material on the circuit board should be the same as before; check whether the screw nut is loose, it must be Ensure that it is in a good tightening state.

5. During the replacement process, if you want to open the electric control box, you must first disconnect the power supply, and then you can operate it after five minutes, and keep your hands dry.

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