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The correct method of ironing linen with ironing machine

2020.01.13 Xinhana

The correct method of ironing linen with ironing machine:

1. Preparation

Fold and wash the mouth cloth and pillowcase according to the regulations. The pillowcase should be smoothed to the opening, and the opening should be consistent, and the machine speed should be adjusted.

2. Ironing

Straighten the four corners of the pillowcase or mouth cloth, put it straight on the conveyor belt, clean it with both hands quickly, smooth it to both sides, pay attention to observe whether the ironed linen is wrinkled, and you should play the wax cloth in time and find that there are stains If it is damaged, it should be removed in time. Fold the single corner to show rewashing. Fold the double corner to report the damage.

3. Interface cloth, pillowcase

Check the quality of the released cloth or pillowcase. It needs to be ironed, dried, without wrinkles. The cloth is moderately sized. Place the rewashed and damaged ones separately. When folded, the cloth should be 100 pieces in a stack. Pillowcase 4 One stack, and 25 stacks are 100 shelves, and finally record the number accurately.

The correct method of ironing linen with ironing machine

Ironing procedure-bed linen, table cloth

1. Shake the sheets

Put the bed sheet into the large linen car as required, fold it in half, flatten the four corners, and pay attention to check the washing quality. After removing the stain, send it to the wet cleaning process. If the damaged one is removed, it will be burned and reported as damage. , Pay attention to safety when shaking sheets.

2. Ironing

Adjust the machine speed, flatten and straighten the bed sheet or table cloth, and put it on the conveyor belt at the same time. Gently sag the drooping bed sheet or table cloth with your hands at the same time and deliver it smoothly. Observe whether the ironed bed sheet or table cloth is flat at any time If there are wrinkles, wax cloth is necessary when necessary, and those with stains should be removed in time. Fold the single corner for rewashing, and double the corner for damage.

3. Pick up bed sheets and table cloth

The placed sheets and tablecloths are automatically discounted by the machine, and it is required to check the quality of the folds, flat and without wrinkles, and place the stained and damaged ones separately. During the folding process, pay attention to check the dryness and humidity of the sheets and tablecloths If necessary, adjust the machine speed, the sizing degree of the table cloth should be moderate, and it should be sorted and placed according to the specifications and types, and finally recorded.

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