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When the opening machine is used, what are the reasons for the failure of the opening machine when it is used?

2020.04.08 Xinhana

1. The thick strips keep coming, the reasons are:

(1) The horn head of the opening locomotive is used incorrectly, the caliber is larger than the process requirements, and the control of the thick strip is lost.

(2) The horn head spring is too hard, or the distance from the thick bar contact is too large.

(3) The thick strip of electric contact is de-energized.

2. The reasons why the thin strips and broken strips are kept are:

(1) The thin strip (or broken strip) of the locomotive surface of the loosening locomotive is installed too low. The thin strip or broken strip cannot be touched by the contact when it occurs.

(2) The strip or broken strip touches the contact and is de-energized.

3. Unreasonable electric shock on the open locomotive and automatic stop and stop, the reasons are:

(1) After the insulation of the conductive copper strip connected to the 6.3 volt control circuit is damaged, electric shock will occur with the car dealer pole or a small blocking plate.

(2) The electric shock contacts are installed too close to each other, or the thin contact screws are installed too low, almost touching the car under the shaft, and there may be a place where the insulator is damaged and the insulation is lost and electric shock may occur.

(3) Due to careless operation of cleaning, the wire connecting the 6.3 volt control circuit to the copper bar is broken, causing all the process contacts on the vehicle to be powered off and lost.

(4) In case of unexplained electric shock, it should be found in connection with the cause of unexplained electric shock in the rear drafting small pressure roller self-stop device and the rear unwinding white stop device, and cannot be excluded.

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